One of the greatest conferences dedicated to Java programming language in Poland is coming. Speakers from all around the world, experienced professionals, students and developers on different levels - everyone conected with the Java world will be there!

This year JDD will be organised on 14th and 15th of October 2019 in Kraków, Poland (as alawys!)

Conference paths will be divided by level and language. We can expect inspiring lectures and new speakers. Organisers are planning technology path and different topics like: front-end, DevOps, Java 9/10/11, testing, good practices, soft skills, Machine Learning, AI, Mobile, ChatBots, Blockchain, Reactive, Functional Programming, Databases, Big Data, NoSQL, Industry 4.0/ERP, ERP in Cloud.

We can expect:

  • Trends, effective solutions and case studies
  • Practical examples, live coding sessions
  • more experts
  • topics for everyone: junior, mid and senior developers
  • schedule based on CFP and proposal of the participants
  • discussion panels and beer-talks
  • meeting with communities from different parts of Poland
  • ethusiasm, good atmosphere (everything thanks to participants of the conference and after-party!)

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Read more about the conference at:

See you there!