I recently read series of three articles titled An Opinionated Guide to Modern Java by Parallel Universe. It presents really interesting point of view and can be read even by non-Java developers due to its form. Non-Java developers can learn that Java can be fast, elegant and lightweight as much as other hipster technologies like Ruby, Go or Node.js. The main difference is the fact that Java is quite old and widely used technology what means it’s well tested, stable, solid, has great development and monitoring tools. Besides widely known projects, author of the articles presents some information about tools built by Parallel Universe, which are not commonly used and are less popular, but are also worth considering for modern development. E.g. he writes about so called Capsule project, which is intended to be a Docker alternative for Java and Quasar, which is interesting high level API for multi-threading with concept of actors, which is also available in Akka and Erlang. I recommend any Java and non-Java developer to read this series to learn new things and consolidate the knowledge.

Series of articles