In international projects sometimes there’s a need to send resource files to the client in order to have translated strings. Client doesn’t have to understand XML notation and editing two or more files at the same time is inconvenient. It’s easier to send file which can be edited in MS Excel or Libre Office Calc. I’ve created Python scripts, which are able to convert Android xml resources with translations to a single *.csv file ready to open in software for common users. In addition, there’s another script, which can generate xml resource files with translations from *.csv file. Generating *.csv file from resources is easy:

$ python directory_with_resources

Exemplary output looks as follows:

hello_world;Hello World!;Witaj Świecie!
app_name;My application;Moja aplikacja

Generating resources from file with translations is easy as well:

$ python translations.csv

As an output we will get *.xml files containing resources for translations in Android application.

Check out repository here: