In one of my open-source projects - ReactiveNetwork I have a documentation in file and I have JavaDocs as well. This project is an Android library written in Java and built with Gradle. Moreover, I develop this project on two separate Git branches - one for RxJava1.x and another one for RxJava2.x. Similar convention is in the RxJava repository, so I followed it. After each release I publish documentation and JavaDocs on GitHub pages for both versions. It’s kind of boring and repeatable task, so I was wondering if there’s any way to automate it.

Generating JavaDocs

I have a Gradle task, which does that as follows:

./gradlew androidJavadocs

and generates JavaDocs in library/build/docs/javadoc/ directory. I keep generated JavaDocs on gh-pages branch in /javadoc/RxJava1.x/ and /javadoc/RxJava2.x/ directories. Now, I need to checkout to RxJava2.x branch generate JavaDocs, switch to gh-pages branch delete contents of javadoc/RxJava2.x/ directory, copy contents from library/build/docs/javadoc/ into javadoc/RxJava2.x/, commit changes, do the same for RxJava1.x branch and push changes. As you noticed, It’s a lot of manual work. I’ve scripted it as follows in my file:

!/usr/bin/env bash

# update javadocs for RxJava2.x
git checkout RxJava2.x
./gradlew clean androidJavadocs
git checkout gh-pages
rm -rf javadoc/RxJava2.x/*
cp -avr library/build/docs/javadoc/* ./javadoc/RxJava2.x
git add -A
git commit -m "updating JavaDoc for RxJava2.x"
rm -rf library/build/docs
echo "javadocs for RxJava2.x updated"

# update javadocs for RxJava1.x
git checkout RxJava1.x
./gradlew clean androidJavadocs
git checkout gh-pages
rm -rf javadoc/RxJava1.x/*
cp -avr library/build/docs/javadoc/* ./javadoc/RxJava1.x
git add -A
git commit -m "updating javadocs for RxJava1.x"
echo "javadocs for RxJava1.x updated"

echo "javadocs for both RxJava1.x and RxJava2.x updated - now you can push your changes"

Generating user-friendly documentation

I keep my whole documentation for the user in file. In order to generate user-friendly website with documentation I used docsify. You can install it as follows via npm:

npm i docsify-cli -g

Next, on gh-pages branch I’ve created docs/RxJava1.x/ and docs/RxJava2.x/ directories and copied there appropriate files from RxJava1.x and RxJava2.x branches. Next I could go inside each directory and type:

docsify init .

Docsify generated nice website with documentation gathered dynamically from file. After that, I’ve done a few manual adjustments. Now, the only thing a need to do is to keep files updated. That’s why I made a script for copying files from RxJava1.x and RxJava2.x branch into appropriate directories on gh-pages branch and named it

#!/usr/bin/env bash
git checkout gh-pages
git show >docs/RxJava1.x/
git show >docs/RxJava2.x/
git add -A
git commit -m "updating docs"
echo "docs updated, now you can push your changes"


Now, I have boring process of generating Docs and JavaDocs for two separate Git branches automated and I can simply invoke my scripts:


git push

and that’s it! You can see websites with documentation at:

and JavaDocs at:

I hope this article will give some ideas of automating your repeatable tasks.