ReactiveBeacons - release of v. 0.6.0 with support for RxJava2

Apr 3, 2017

Thanks to @BugsBunnyBR I released new version of ReactiveBeacons library with the RxJava2.x support. It’s an Android library scanning BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons nearby with RxJava Observables. I also kept backward compatibility with RxJava1.x. Different versions of the libraries are located on the separate git branches. It’s a similar approach to original RxJava project. I have separate builds on Travis CI, separate artifacts and JavaDocs. Such approach generates more overhead, but in such case, RxJava1. ...

Browsing directories with Vim

Apr 2, 2017

I’m still learning Vim every day. At first, it looks quite hard and most of the people want to learn how to quit it and never use again. Nevertheless, when you learn some basics, you can be really productive. This editor has much more cool functionalities than just :q shortcut ;-). Recently I discovered, you can use Vim not only for editing files but you can use it for browsing directories as well! ...

How to make open-source projects, which people want to use

Apr 1, 2017
open-source, conferences

Today at Kariera IT conference in Katowice, Poland, I presented talk explaining how to make open-source projects, which people want to use from my perspective. Below, you can find slides from my presentation. Thank you all for the attendance, interesting questions and organizers for inviting me. I hope you learned something new. Of course, any constructive feedback for this talk will be appreciated :). Link: How to make open-source projects, which people want to use

Handling different Android versions with strategy pattern

Mar 26, 2017

When we’re developing Android apps, we have to remember that different users have different versions of the Android OS. Unfortunately, not all of them has the newest version of the system and some of them have older devices with older systems. Some of these devices may be even unsupported because e.g. Google supports their devices like Nexus and Pixel for only 2 years. When we want to reach as many users as possible and make the app available for almost everyone, we have to handle different Android versions. ...

Review your changes in the code before the commit

Mar 26, 2017

Most of the people use git as follows. they create a feature branch they make some changes they add all the changes: git add -A they commit changes: git commit -m "I've done changes" they push it: git push There’s a problem with such approach. When we created a lot of changes, it may happen that we forgot to delete something and we pushed some garbage to the remote repository. ...

Android design inspirations

Mar 19, 2017

When we are planning to create our next Android app, besides the codebase, it’s also good to plan its design, UI, and UX. Before doing that, we can take a look at some inspirations and work of other people to gather a few UI design patterns, inspirations, and ideas. Good resource of such inspirations is Android Niceties website. As the authors write, this website is a collection of screenshots encompassing some of the most beautiful looking Android apps. ...

Unit test coverage report with Travis CI for Robolectric on Android

Mar 19, 2017
android, testing

Introduction # Some time ago, I’ve written an article about Test coverage report for Android application. It got some interest (many comments below article and many visits according to Google Analytics), so I decided to refresh this topic. Previously, I’ve written instrumentation unit tests, which needed to be executed on a real device or an emulator. It’s a good approach when you want to test functionalities strongly connected with the device. ...

My approach to Git aliases

Mar 12, 2017

While we are working with Version Control Systems like Git, it’s good to adapt them to our needs to perform daily work in a more productive way. People often create so-called Git aliases, which are shortcuts for longer commands. E.g. you can edit your .gitconfig file, which is usually located in your home directory and place a few aliases in the [alias] section. For example: [alias] ls = log --pretty=format:"%C(yellow)%h%Cred%d\\ %Creset%s%Cblue\\ [%cn]" --decorate Then you can type: git ls in your Git repository to see pretty Git log. ...

Working with different Git configs

Mar 10, 2017

Short introduction # Sometimes people need to specify multiple values for single .gitconfig file or they want to share just part of the configuration between two machines. There are different approaches for that. I can show you mine. Different configs for different Operating Systems # On my private computer, I use Linux. I use Git for my private projects and I use my private e-mail address there. At the same time, I use Git at work on macOS with exactly the same Git configuration, but with a different e-mail address. ...

Control Spotify on Linux like a hacker

Mar 5, 2017
linux, python

Recently, I created a tiny script called spotify-cli, which allows you to control Spotify on Linux from terminal. It’s inspired by shpotify, which is a shell script doing similar things, but on macOS. My script is written in Python and uses dbus under the hood, which allows to communicate with bus daemon to pass messages between applications. I used pactl for controlling the system sound. You can install spotify-cli as follows via wget: ...