I’ve recently released new version of ReactiveNetwork library for Android. Here are the fresh release notes for version 0.2.0:

  • added possibility to observe WiFi signal level with observeWifiSignalLevel(context, numLevels) and observeWifiSignalLevel(context) method
  • created WifiSignalLevel enum
  • added internet check to parameters of getConnectivityStatus(context, checkInternet) method
  • made getConnectivityStatus(context, checkInternet) method public
  • changed String variable status in ConnectivityStatus enum to description and made it public
  • changed output of the toString() method in ConnectivityStatus to keep consistency with another enum
  • made ReactiveNetwork class non-final
  • bumped Kotlin version in sample app to 1.0.0-rc-1036
  • increased immutability of code of the library
  • updated sample apps and documentation

Thanks to @llp and his Pull Request, we are able to observe WiFi signal level AKA RSSI now!

It’s one of the most interesting features in the newest release. We can do it as follows:

new ReactiveNetwork().observeWifiSignalLevel(context, numLevels)
    ... // anything else what you can do with RxJava
    .subscribe(new Action1<Integer>() {
      @Override public void call(Integer level) {
        // do something with level

or we can observe an enum value instead of integer:

new ReactiveNetwork().observeWifiSignalLevel(context)
    ... // anything else what you can do with RxJava
    .subscribe(new Action1<WifiSignalLevel>() {
      @Override public void call(WifiSignalLevel signalLevel) {
        // do something with signalLevel

WifiSignalLevel enum can have the following values:

public enum WifiSignalLevel {
  NO_SIGNAL(0, "no signal"),
  POOR(1, "poor"),
  FAIR(2, "fair"),
  GOOD(3, "good"),
  EXCELLENT(4, "excellent");

Any feedback will be appreciated!

Happy coding!