I’ve recently released Prefser library v. 2.0.0. Prefser is a wrapper for Android SharedPreferences with object serialization and RxJava Observables. This update couldn’t be done without help of awesome open-source community and people who reported new issues and created pull requests. Thanks for that! A lot of issues related to RxJava was fixed. Moreover, now we can store and retrieve lists of objects of any type with Prefser. Examples of library usage can be found in README.md file and in unit tests covering 96% of the code. Below, you can find release notes for this version of the library:

  • fixed not keeping reference to listener when Observable instance is reused
  • fixed not unregistering listener, which causes onNext() even after unsubscribe()
  • fixed possible missed update with getAndObserve()
  • removed observe(sharedPreferences) method - backward incompatible
  • changed observeDefaultPreferences() method name to observePreferences() - backward incompatible
  • added TypeToken and use of generics for interfaces
  • added possibility to store Lists of different types of data including custom objects
  • added more unit tests
  • updated test dependencies
  • updated JavaDoc available at http://pwittchen.github.io/prefser/

Feel free to fork the project or report new issues! Any kind of feedback is warmly welcome.