Brain-Computer Interfaces - Science Fiction or Reality?

Nov 21, 2018
bci, conferences

Recently, I had an opportunity to speak at the software development conference abroad for the first time. I visited Malmö in Sweden and gave a talk during the Øredev 2018 conference. The main theme of the conference was Deus Ex Machina, so I decided to adapt to this topic and prepared presentation about Brain-Computer Interfaces, which is my interest since the end of my studies at the Silesian University of Technology where I wrote a Master Thesis about similar topic. ...

Facebook is making solutions to talk from the brain – so do I

Apr 23, 2017

During F8 Facebook Developers Conference 2017, Facebook revealed its plans for the nearest years. Among different stuff, keynote from the day 2 was especially interesting for me. Speakers talked about connectivity projects increasing access to the Internet across the globe, different methods of human-computer interaction, virtual reality, and last, but not least Brain-Computer Interface. It’s super-interesting for me, because 4 years ago I wrote Master Thesis about Brain-Computer Interface for Mobile Devices at my university & published a few short articles about Brain-Computer Interface on this blog. ...

Interpreting data in csv files generated by EEG Analyzer

Jan 6, 2015

Introduction # Sometimes people send me e-mails concerning EEG Analyzer app. Usually they are not sure how to interpret or analyze results generated by the app and uploaded to Dropbox server. My app is quite “raw” and simple, because it is additional project created during writing my Master Thesis, which helped me to perform some experiments and analysis of EEG data. That’s why I didn’t focused on generating reports from gathered data. ...

EEG Analyzer - Android app

Sep 1, 2014
android, bci

I recently published my side project connected with BCI and EEG technology in Google Play Store. EEG Analyzer reads electrical activity of the brain with EEG technology and blink strength with EMG sensor from NeuroSky MindWave Mobile device connected via Bluetooth to Android device. In order to use this application, you need to have NeuroSky MindWave Mobile device, which can be ordered from http://neurosky.com/ website. Direct link to the mentioned product: http://store. ...

Brain-Computer Interface for mobile devices - Master Thesis presentation

Jul 8, 2014
bci, android

Recently, I graduated from my university. Below, you can browse my Master Thesis presentation about Brain-Computer Interface for mobile devices. If you are interested in writing mobile Android applications communicating with NeuroSky MindWave Mobile device, you can check my EEG Reader project on GitHub, which can be treated as a basis for more advanced projects. During writing my Master Thesis, I created two another projects using similar concepts. Mentioned code may be a little bit outdated comparing to the newest Android trends, but feel free to fork and upgrade it. ...

Brain Computer Interface for mobile devices - introduction

Jun 5, 2013

Currently, I work on my Final Project and Master Thesis at Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Poland (original University name in Polish: Politechnika Śląska). I’ve decided to choose unconventional topic, which will allow me to use the knowlegde I already have, extend it and learn something new. Topic of my thesis is: Brain Computer Interface for mobile devices. BCI is a topic, which is not completely discovered nowadays. EEG and BCI have their origins in 1924, but up to now, they don’t have so many real life applications. ...