Different build config for debug and release version of the Android app

Oct 8, 2014
android, gradle

Sometimes we may want to set different address of the back-end web service for debuggable and release version of our Android app. E.g. predefined static host and port for release version of the application and our local IP address and predefined port for debuggable version of the application. In second case, we can deploy back-end webservice on our local machine for testing purposes. We can customize all of that in build. ...

Versioning Android applications

Sep 13, 2014
android, gradle, git

When we work in a team projects, our code constantly changes and being tested. Often some bugs occur in a specific version of application and no longer exists in next version of the project, because one programmer might fixed the bug according to the Boy Scout Rule and this is good. Nevertheless, sometimes we need to write documentation and check in which version bug occurred to be sure, that it was really fixed. ...

Updating Android XML resources before compilation via Gradle

Sep 10, 2014
android, gradle, git

Problem # In a team project, we encountered one of the common problems connected with mobile applications. Android application sends requests to backend web service and we don’t have backend web service deployed right now on a separate server, so every mobile developer is compiling and running backend web service on the local machine for testing purposes. In the beginning, url of backend url looked as follows: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"? ...