Kyma meets CCV2 hackathon summary

Dec 14, 2018

Introduction # I recently I had an opportunity to join “Kyma meets CCV2 Hackathon” in the SAP Labs Poland office in Gliwice. The goal of the hackathon was to create a simple project, which will use Kyma to integrate external services with the SAP Hybris Commerce Platform. CCV2 stands for “Commerce Cloud Version 2”, which are basically SAP Hybris Commerce solutions deployed on the MS Azure Cloud (that’s a long story described in a short way). ...

Writing my first library in Kotlin

Aug 19, 2018
java, kotlin, android, gradle

Introduction # Recently, I decided to create a tiny Android library called RxBattery, which is monitoring battery state of the device with RxJava and RxKotlin. I created a few Java and Android libraries already and this time I decided to use Kotlin programming language instead of Java to learn something new and write something more complicated than “Hello World” app. Here are my observations. Build System # I used Gradle to build the project. ...

Hello Kotlin!

Feb 7, 2015
android, kotlin

I’ve recently played with Kotlin in order to create simple “Hello World” Android app using this new, fancy language from JetBrains. Kotlin is another programming language based on JVM, which can work with Java. It’s aim is to reduce code boilerplate and create projects faster. In my simple Android project, I’ve also used KotterKnife for injecting views. I’ve also added one simple ActivityUnitTestCase. Unfortunately, I couldn’t convert it into Kotlin, because I wasn’t allowed to call constructor of inherited class using super() method. ...